OS is a young man with Down syndrome. He connected with VIVRS services through the EPBC program because he had limited exposure to employment.

In November 2014, OS started participating in Customized Employment at VIVRS. He participated in the Discovery assessment and his employment goals were discussed and explored. Through the process of Discovery It became evident how skilled OS was at playing the drums and operating machinery around his house despite limited vision. During the process he and his family discussed how his main goal was to work at Montana’s Restaurant as a dishwasher. OS repeated this desire many times.

VIVRS staff worked with Montana’s and arranged for him to do a work experience to gain some practical experience on site. He participated in this for a few weeks with onsite support and observation from the VIVRS Employment Specialist. OS was hired as a dishwasher because he enjoyed the work and demonstrated that he pays attention to detail. He was able to keep up with the pace of the restaurant. Negotiation began with VIVRS and Montana’s for them to hire OS for lunch shifts during busy times. OS is an asset to Montana’s and the staff reports how much they appreciate his work and overall demeanour. OS continues to receive onsite support from the VIVRS Employment Specialist.