Leanne was referred to VIVRS through Canada Pension Plan Disability Vocational Rehabilitation Services. She had been told by her doctors that she would never work full-time again, due to Rapid Cycling Bi-Polar Disorder. For over ten years, she had attempted to go back to school, but had been unable to complete full or part time studies due to the unpredictability of her health. She embarked on vocational rehabilitation services with VIVRS with some trepidation, but was reassured by her counsellor’s encouragement and expertise.

Together, Leanne and her counsellor investigated her interests, and accessed the services of a neuropsychologist to determine Leanne’s abilities, learning style and areas of challenge. This information was very valuable in connecting Leanne to Disability Services once she began retraining.

Leanne discovered that her long-term interest in administration could be parlayed into a career, as long as she could update her skills through training. To ensure the best possible chance at success, Leanne’s counsellor at VIVRS ensured that medical, educational, counselling and community supports were available to assist Leanne in reaching her goals. Funding for training came from Canada Pension Plan Disability and Service Canada’s Opportunities fund.

Leanne attended post-secondary training and graduated with the highest marks in her class. Once qualified, she lined up a number of interviews for exciting, full-time positions. Leanne is immensely proud of herself for successfully completing her training. She recognizes the importance of her own commitment in getting her to this stage, but also credits VIVRS with providing the kind of support she needed in order to beat the odds and make her dreams come true.