AP is a 50 year old gentleman with mental health issues and a back injury. He registered with EPBC in August of 2012. He has been very adamant that he did not want to be labeled with a disability and wanted a real job without any modifications. He reported that he had been getting employment support from another agency however all of the work was done in groups and this did not work for him.

While AP accessed services he began with ESC services for counselling, he participated in the workshops: stress reduction, anger management, health enhancement, self-awareness, increasing your self-esteem, planning and goal setting, resume writing and interview skills. AP gained insight recognizing that although he has always wanted to work he has a much better understanding of himself and now is able to meet and exceed his employment goals. In September 2014 he started working with a job developer where there was a focus on his experience and a specific skill set that he had to offer however the work environment and having a supportive manager was key to his success.

The job developer worked with the Janitorial Manager at the Casino and A was interviewed for a full time janitorial position in November 2014. The job developer continued to work very closely with the manager and eventually the opportunity was confirmed. A began his first shift February 5, 2015. A received financial assistance for his work clothing, BC ID, and food vouchers. A has reported that when the original idea was presented he was very hesitant because there seemed to be too many barriers which he had identified, however he said that he trusted that the job developer was indeed working on his behalf. Now, that he is working he has stated that this job was a perfect match, he had no idea how he would fit in, how the jobs would be shared and he would be part of a team with a very supportive supervisor. All of his worries are gone and he is very proud of being employed with a company that respects their employees.