AM is a 46 year old woman with cognitive and physical challenges including arthritis. She has many craft skills such as costume making, reupholstering, knitting and crocheting in addition to extensive volunteering experience. Over the past 15 years AM’s work experience consisted of delivering newspapers.

In March 2014, AM started participating in Customized Employment. The Discovery process allowed VIVRS to identify that one of her great attributes is her positive and cheerful attitude and excellent customer service skills. AM’s desire was to find employment other than delivering papers. AM participated in Job Club workshops while her Employment Specialist sought a job carve for her. She obtained a cashier certificate. Her specialist negotiated a job carve at Tim Horton’s as a Lobby Attendant. AM received financial assistance for the purchase of non-skid shoes that were required to start the job. Her specialist provided job coaching during her training period making sure natural supports were in place in the form of support from co-workers and supervisors. AM states it is wonderful to have a job that does not require being outside in bad weather, especially as she is ageing and the cold wet weather bothers her knees. She feels that this is more meaningful employment and she enjoys receiving a lot of positive feedback from her fellow workers and customers.