The Employment Program of BC (EPBC) offers integrated and accessible services to help British Columbians be successful in finding and keeping work. As part of the EPBC team led by GT Hiring Solutions, VIVRS provides specialized employment and life skill services to residents of Nanaimo who: 

• Identify themselves as living with a disability
• Have multiple life challenges that make employment difficult
• Are women who have experienced abuse or violence.

All services at VIVRS are tailored to fit your needs. When you meet with a VIVRS Specialist, you will work together to choose the services that will be of most benefit. Examples include:

• Vocational assessments to identify career interests, transferable skills, and personal strengths
• Specialized assessments to identify accommodations needed in the workplace, or during training
• Research to help you make a solid decision about the future
• Personal counselling to overcome the impacts of abuse
• Individual coaching to help you manage a disability or challenging life circumstances
• Connection to community supports that improve health and functioning
• Employment counselling to help you reach your goals
• Access to skills training to prepare for employment
• Job placement and work experience placements in your area of interest
• Assistance with your job search, resume and interview preparation
• Development of customized employment situations
• Practical support when you begin work.
Nanaimo Location & Staff
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VIVRS Services are delivered out of the Employment Services Centre (ESC) located at:
241 Milton Street - CLICK FOR MAP
The VIVRS Specialists at this location are:
· Ingrid Tanasichuk
- Executive Director
Ingrid has overseen all aspects of VIVRS’ development over the past 20 years, and sets the standard for innovative, customized employment and life skills services for people with disabilities and other significant life challenges. Ingrid holds a BA in Human Service Administration, Diplomas in Vocational Rehabilitation, and is a Registered Rehabilitation Professional. Known for her integrity and focus on quality, Ingrid is one of the most sought-after and experienced professionals in this field on Vancouver Island today.
· Liz Laird
- Operations Manager
Liz has over 15 years of experience ensuring that the agency’s day-to-day operations run smoothly and efficiently, as well as reporting on all contracted deliverables. A Registered Community Support Specialist (RCSS), with a Mental Health Worker Certificate and in-depth knowledge of the new Integrated Case Management system, Liz is renowned for her caring approach, strong interpersonal and problem-solving skills, and multi-tasking abilities.
· Sue Christiaens
- Human Resources Manager
Sue brings over 20 years of experience in human resource management, project management, financial management, emergency preparedness, occupational health and wellness as well as team development through the BC Public Service. Sue’s positive energy, in-depth knowledge, and focus on solutions provides what VIVRS needs as our agency grows to meet the needs of people with disabilities and life challenges throughout Vancouver Island.
· Jacquie Larsen
- Administrative Assistant
Jacquie is a lifelong learner, known for her immense energy, organizational abilities and attention to detail. With over 18 years of experience as an office and small business administrator, Jacquie’s strong work ethic, patience and problem- solving abilities are a boon. Jacquie receives great satisfaction from making others’ lives easier and providing high quality service to the clients and staff of VIVRS.
· Darcie Davidson
- EPBC Job Developer
Darcie’s expertise in communications, media and public relations has resulted in a surge of successful job placements for VIVRS clients. With an MA in Professional Communications and 6 years of experience, Darcie’s ability to build relationships lies at the heart of her own, and her clients’ successes. She is committed to creating a socially diverse and healthy community for all.
· Wendi Bazant
- Onsite Employment Specialist
Wendi provides onsite support, training and mentorship to VIVRS clients.  Wendi is a dynamic community minded person with several years of experience in identifying and engaging with community needs and resources. Wendi has a passion for and a belief in healthy living and actively promotes healthy lifestyles. Her practical and common sense approach to problem solving and trouble shooting increases positive outcomes and provides an above and beyond approach in helping our VIVRS clients towards achieving success.
· Sylvia Wende
- EPBC Specialized Employment and Life Skills Consultant
Sylvia’s background as a Social Worker, Certified Career Development Practitioner, Job Club Leader and International Coordinator scratches the surface of what she offers VIVRS’ clients. An exceptional counsellor and coach, with over 12 years of experience in employment services, Sylvia offers warm, dedicated support with a focus on growth and development, and encourages everyone around her to fulfill their potential.
· Deborah Provencher
- EmployAbility Program Manager
Debbie is a Registered Rehabilitation Professional with a BA in Therapeutic Recreation, an MA in Adult Education and 35 years experience working with individuals with disabilities. Debbie’s in-depth understanding of mental and physical health issues, ability to devise unique and effective methods of training, and expertise in enhancing clients’ health and employability allows her to empower individuals to reach their goals.
· Jan Coleman
- Employment Specialist EmployAbility Program
Jan is a Certified Rehabilitation Practitioner with over 15 years of experience helping individuals with disabilities and life challenges to achieve sustainable employment. Her commitment to helping people make healthy, positive changes in their lives and build confidence in their abilities is evident in her work. Humour, common sense and creative problem solving are integral components of her approach.
· Casey Corbett
- Employment Specialist EmployAbility Program
Casey focuses on each individual’s strengths, and uses creative problem solving and her own enthusiasm to create tailored employment opportunities for clients with disabilities. Drawing on 5 years of Human Services training, 7 years of experience in the field, and her own dedication, Casey excels at empowering people to overcome a variety of barriers, and live the lives they choose.
· Renee Bueckert
- EPBC Employment Specialist and Life Skills Consultant
Renee is a Registered Rehabilitation Professional (RRP) with over 11 years experience  assisting people with disabilities achieve their personal and occupational goals. Renee has a Bachelor Degree in Education from the University of Alberta.  She has a diverse background in business and marketing.  Renee supports her clients in job search techniques that lead to their success. 
· Elaine Young
- EPBC Employment Specialist and Life Skills Consultant working with women who have a history of violence/abuse
Elaine is a Canadian Certified Counsellor, Certified Teacher, trained mediator and comes with over 20 years experience in counselling; employment and career development services; and working with people who have disabling conditions. Having developed anti-violence programs in a variety of places, she is now committed to helping clients in the Bridging Employment Program for women surviving violence. She uses empowerment and resiliency building to help clients become self-sufficient.
· Sharon Welch
- EPBC Employment Specialist and Life Skills Consultant
Sharon is a certified Career Development Facilitator with an MA in Leadership, undergraduate studies in Business Administration (HR), the CHRP designation, and more than 20 years experience in Education and Human Resources. Her work in the public, private and non-profit sectors and her leadership in community-based organizations have provided her with an extensive background in helping people achieve their goals. Sharon is passionate about focusing on each person’s potential and helping individuals build self-awareness and self-confidence.
241 Milton Street - CLICK FOR MAP
255-2000 Island Highway North - CLICK FOR MAP
250-729-5627 ext 5007
Hiring Work BC Centre at Brooks Landing Mall
The VIVRS Specialized Employment and Life Skills Consultant at this location is:
· Wanda Brown
- EPBC Specialized Employment and Life Skills Consultant
Wanda has 28 years of experience assisting people with disabilities to return to work and achieve self-sufficiency. She believes that work enhances social, as well as economic, well-being. Wanda has a Diploma in Rehabilitation, a BA in History and Sociology, and has held RRP status since 1991. Her professional development includes certificates in Mental Health, Career Development and Life Skills Coaching.
· Sylvia Wende
- EPBC Specialized Employment and Life Skills Consultant
Sylvia’s background as a Social Worker, Certified Career Development Practitioner, Job Club Leader and International Coordinator scratches the surface of what she offers VIVRS’ clients. An exceptional counsellor and coach, with over 12 years of experience in employment services, Sylvia offers warm, dedicated support with a focus on growth and development, and encourages everyone around her to fulfill their potential.
101 - 155 Skinner Street - CLICK FOR MAP
WorkBC Employment Services Centres
The VIVRS Specialized Employment and Life Skills Consultant at this location is:
· Stephanie Dancevic
- EPBC Specialized Employment and Life Skills Consultant
Stephanie is a Certified Career Practitioner with particular strengths in assisting clients to reach their employment goals.  With over 20 years experience working in the Social Services field, Stephanie brings many skills and abilities in working with clients from a variety of backgrounds who have significant life challenges.  Stephanie brings a positive and supportive approach to her work at VIVRS that inspires and builds confidence in others.
· Roy Jones
- EPBC Specialized Employment and Life Skills Consultant
Roy has over 35 years experience in the employment field.  His background covers extensive one on one counselling, as well as project and program development, for both the provincial and federal governments.  Roy brings with him an easy communication style, and an extensive background in the employment process, working with a wide range of individuals and groups.
The Employment Program of BC is funded by the Ministry of Social Development and Employment and Labour Market Services BC
... Thank you for your kindness, caring personality, and great attitude...
- Satisfied VIVRS Client
Success Story
Brandon came to his first appointment in CAP in an extremely agitated state. He was devastated, angry and frightened because he and the mother of his children had just had another of many violent altercations. The first task completed with Brandon in CAP was helping him learn how to calm himself. Throughout the next six months, Brandon worked hard to change his behaviour so that he could maintain a positive relationship with his children and make changes in his life.

He dealt with addiction issues and emotional turmoil while staying with friends and sleeping on the couch.

VIVRS helped Brandon to educate himself about his legal rights, and encouraged him to see his doctor more frequently. VIVRS connected Brandon with the Homeless Outreach Worker, allowing him to search for a home for himself and his children. Brandon wanted to complete the paperwork for his Red Seal Certificate and VIVRS assisted him to find and organize documents, have them notarized and finally submit them.

Midway through the program, Brandon decided to go to addictions treatment for 3 months. VIVRS maintained contact with him; Brandon successfully completed the treatment program. Upon his return, Brandon immediately connected with VIVRS and continued to work hard in CAP. He found a place to live and began attending programs through the Men’s Resource Centre as well as Mental Health and Addictions Services.

While Brandon has been in CAP he has expressed a number of times how grateful he is for the program. He would often arrive for an appointment in an agitated state, but leave calm and smiling. At first, the VIVRS worker was the only person who would help him to calm down, but now Brandon has a support network that he can turn to for help whenever life becomes overwhelming. He continues to work hard at being a good father to his children and returning to the work force.